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tcVISION now also takes care of the REST

1 August 2022

It is very exciting and interesting when you look at the development of IT over the last few decades. I can still remember[...]

Change Data Capture (CDC) – the foundation of a heterogeneous IT

20 June 2022

In this blog we have already dealt with the different approaches that are necessary to successfully operate a heterogeneous IT with a transparent and common data base. A heterogeneous[...]

Relieving the mainframe

Old and new – reaching the goal together

11 April 2022

Anyone, who has been employed and responsible in IT for a long time, knows the challenges that arise at ever shorter intervals: new technologies in hardware and software, new ways of thinking and trends.[...]

Relieving the mainframe

17 January 2022

Our customers are our best references. tcVISION is used in daily productive IT operations on different platforms and with a large number of input databases and files as well as output databases, cloud and big data systems. [...]

Expansion of complex legacy systems with a modern data platform

20 December 2021

Our customers are our best references. A large number of customers use tcVISION in daily productive IT operations with different platforms, input databases and files as well as output databases, cloud and big data systems. [...]

Referential Integrity through the ages

25 November 2021

The real-time synchronization of a file or database on one platform (...) with a database on another platform (...) or between two databases on comparable platforms is always subordinated to the one important principle:[...]

Mainframe data are often an obstacle to the use of new technologies

19 November 2021

There are many reasons for migrating mainframe data or applications. Mainframe data are different [...]

The shackles of the past become solutions for the present and the future

25 October 2021

Migrating a mainframe application or the entire mainframe platform to a Windows, Unix or Linux platform can be a very difficult and cumbersome undertaking. [...]

Partner Conference 2021

12 October 2021

Even in times of COVID-19, interaction and communication with our customers and partners are extremely important [...]

The end of the Data- and Application-Lock-In

28 September 2021

Many companies look back on a long history of data processing. My first assignment as an application programmer was in 1969 at a state authority with a large data center. The computer was housed in impressive cabinets and connected to an endless line of tape devices. About 20 data typists sat in a separate room, transferring perforated receipts to punched cards or punched strips [...]

Cryptography: Requirements and Realization in our Solutions

Cryptography: Requirements and Realization in our Solutions

21 December 2020

The Internet Protocol TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol) has been the standard protocol for sending data across continental, system, and platform boundaries for almost two decades. The effectiveness and simplicity [...]

Partner for all Platforms and Technologies

14 September 2020

Much has changed in information technology since the turn of the millennium. New processing technologies, new platforms, and new databases have become part of a revolutionary information technology. The further development [...]

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