The tcVISION replication solution has a modular design. It supports mass data load from one source to one or more targets as well as continuous data exchange process in realtime with change data capture technology.

1. Transformation Platform with Repository

This contains all utilities of automatic data mapping to generate metadata for sources and targets, and the rule set for extracting the data from the source, the transformation/processing of the data for the target systems as well as the implementation into the targets. A cost-effective system platform such as UNIX or Linux is recommended for operating the tcVISION transformation platform.

2. Dashboard / Administration GUI – Command Line Editor

The tcVISION dashboard is provided for administration, review, operation, controlling, and monitoring of all data exchange processes. The tcVISION Command Line Utilities can be used to automate data exchange processes as well as for the "unattended" operation of data synchronization processes.

3. Data Sources

tcVISION Bulk Reader for the implementation of mass data (initial load or periodical mass data transfers)
Log-based Change Data Capture Agents to capture the change data on record level

4. Data Targets

tcVISION Bulk Loader for the efficient load of mass data into the targets
tcVISION APPLY to use DBMS-specific APIs for the efficient implementation of data changes in realtime in combination with CDC technology at the source

5. Efficient Data Exchange

The data is exchanged between source and target compressed and in "raw format" via TCP/IP. The data exchange is limited to a minimum.

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